If the car has a manual transmission, make sure that all doors are closed, and when turning the key depress the clutch pedal.  If the car has an automatic transmission, set the gear lever in position N, while turning the key depress the brake pedal. If you cannot start the car, please immediately contact our customer support and roadside assistance services.

Only the persons referred to in the rental contract as the main or additional drivers. If you want to add a driver during the rent term, you must contact the Luxury Car office and include that person into your contract. The newly added driver will also have to present a valid driver's license. Please remember that insurance will not work if there is an accident involving an unauthorized driver.

Yes, you may enlist up to three additional drivers in your rental contract. You can do it when booking online or at the company's office when receiving the car. All drivers are required to present valid documents.

Contact our customer support and roadside assistance services, and we will tell you how to proceed. Please note that the Luxury Car rent-a-car does not provide services for the delivery of the keys.

The car may be returned only during the hours specified in the contract. The car must be left at a prearranged place and at an appointed time. If you want to extend your rental contract, you must visit the Luxury Car rent-a-car nearest office.

Drivers are strictly prohibited to consume alcohol. The allowed blood alcohol level in Greece is 0.00 ppm.

If there are any injured in the accident, call an ambulance at 166 and police at 100. You also must inform us by calling at +30 2241 00 25 25 and +30 6988 00 25 25. The call-center is available 24/7. Our agent will immediately go and attend the scene of accident. In case of accident, which resulted in the injuries, you must immediately notify the local police services (the police officers will visit the scene of the accident to inspect the place and obtain evidence). The driver must fill in and submit the appropriate form requested by the agents of the local or state authorities. We offer a 24-hour support so you can contact us for any help.

Immediately contact the customer support and roadside assistance services. Get ready to tell your contact telephone number, the car registration number and the town where you happen to be.

Calling at +30 2241 00 25 25 and +30 6988 00 25 25. Available 24/7.

If you have already taken the car and want to extend the rental period, you are to attend the Luxury Car rent-a-car office and sign a new rental contract You can also contact us by phone, and our agent will come to your hotel to extend the rental contract.


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