You can rent several cars, but when picking them up at our office you are to have a basic driver for each car. Each driver will sign a rental contract for the specific car subject to the basic requirements (valid driving license with experience more than one year, existence of a credit card in his/her name, etc.). When booking online you can be book only one car at a time. Therefore, if you need several cars, you will have to make a separate booking for each car.

Additional services are available:

  • on booking
  • on additional request by mail
  • upon consultation with our agent when receiving the car
  • at our company's office on renting a car

At the company's site you can get any additional services t we offer our clients:

  • Registration of a second driver (free/ on request)
  • Child safety seat (free / on request)
  • Booster (free / on request)
  • GPS-navigator
  • WiFi-router

When booking you will see a list of available services and their prices, and you can add any of them at your discretion.

Booking at the site always includes a full insurance coverage (FDW).

Yes, this service is chargable. A WiFi service is provided by a compact router that fits in your pocket. It allows 24-hours Internet access — simply and cost-effectively. The compact router simultaneously supports up to 5 devices, so it can be used by all the family members or by a whole group for Internet connection of a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet, a game consoles, an e-book, and any other device. You can rent a WiFi-router when booking on our web-site: just specify this additional service. You can also rent it at the company's office when picking up the car.

On delivery of the car our agent will note in the contract the fuel level at which the vehicle is delivered. When you return the car we compare the level of fuel with the one specified in the contract.

No, there is no mileage restriction.

Yes, this service is free of charge. When booking a car please specify if you will need a GPS-navigator.

Yes, this service is free of charge. We have models for children of different ages. When booking a car please indicate if you need a child seat and specify your child's age.

Yes, we deliver cars all over the island. When booking you are to specify the place of receipt and delivery of the car.

Yes, you may enlist up to three additional drivers in your rental contract. You can do it when booking online or at the company's office when receiving the car. All drivers are required to present valid documents.

Payment is by cash or non-cash on delivery of the car. We accept VISA / MasterCard / Maestro cards.

No prepayment is required. You are just to confirm your booking by e-mail.

Only in certain cases (when the age and experience of the driver do not comply with the rental contract).

A FDW insurance package covers all types of damages.

Intentional damage or destruction committed by a driver under the effect of alcohol and/or drugs.

No, a bank card is not required when booking a car.

There are many devices and accessories which insure your comfortable and safe journey: GPS, child safety seats, bike racks and roof carrier. We offer all special equipment that will make your journey easier.

You can rent a car even for 1 hour, but please note that even if you are renting a car for a few hours you will be charged for a full rental day.

Theft Protection Coverage (TPC), i.e. insurance coverage against theft of the car, releases the driver of the vehicle from any financial responsibility in case of loss or damage to the vehicle caused by theft, attempted theft or act of vandalism. This type of insurance does not cover theft of personal things from the car.

The rental price includes:

  • Full coverage (100%) without deductible
  • Insurance of civil liability
  • Insurance in case of accident Insurance on wheels, bottom, windows Insurance driver and passengers
  • Insurance against fire
  • Insurance in case of theft
  • Support our insurance claims by our agent
  • Delivery of the car all around the island
  • Replacement of the car in case of breakdown or accident
  • All local and national taxes
  • 24-hour support and roadside assistance
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Road map of Rhodes
  • Assistance in planning your route
  • Registration of a second driver (free/ on request)
  • Child safety seat and booster (free / on request)

To rent a car a driver is be over 21 years of age and have the experience of driving more than 1 year. When booking a luxury-class car, the minimum age of a driver may be increased up to 25 years.

Yes, we guarantee availability of the particular model you specified when booking.

No, a driver's license of your country of residence will be enough. However we recommend that in addition to your local driver's license you better have an international driving license as well.

A valid driver's license of your country. If two people are going to drive the rental car, you will have to provide both driving licenses.

Go to the menu section "Reservations" and fill in the booking form for the dates and car models you are interested in. As soon as you send your request online, we will send confirmation of your reservation to your email address.

Luxury Car Company provides a wide range of vehicles: economy class, urban style, compact, mid size, full size, automatic transmission cars, vans, cabriolets, luxury-class cars, and minivans. For details, see the menu section "Car Rental Fleet".

Luxury Car Company provides a wide range of vehicles only in the island of Rhodes; however we can assist our regular customers in finding cars all over Greece on favorable terms.

You can write to e-mail or call us at +30 (22410) 02525. At the site of our company — in the section "Contacts" — you will also find our Skype, Viber & WhatsApp contacts for free calls.


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+30 6988 00 25 25

Chiamate gratuite

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Our all inclusive rates guarantee a hassle-free car hire experience in Rhodes.

  • VAT and Local Taxes
  • Full 24 Hours Service
  • Free Airport Delivery & Collection
  • Full Damage Waiver (FDW)
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • One Free Additional Driver
  • Quality Car Hire Fleet
  • Optional Chauffeur Service
  • Delivery at your hotels' door

Luxury at affordable price

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